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Article in Centre Presse Aveyron

What a nice surprise to have been given a small mention in an article in FRANCE. The article is called Le « Se canto » de YouTube highlighting my single Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là in newspaper Centre Presse Aveyron published December 8, 2019 in the section Music.

Video clips (Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là, Je suis tannée and New single La vie me sourit)

What an amazing experience to have my life partner, friends and amazing musicians performing my songs. It was a thrill to be in their presence. On November 26, 2019 we did the Video Clips, created by David Simard, of the songs Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là, Je suis tannée and New Launch single La vie me sourit.

Present was guest musician’s producer, arranger, guitarist and friend, John Hagopian, Producer, arranger and drummer Geoff Lang, pianist, arranger and president of MoonSun Musik, Michael Litresits and bassist, Jean De Sousa. We spent the afternoon together performing the promotional singles of my album It’s My Dream.

Many thanks to John for your generous energy and friendship to get this done no matter all the obstacles.  To David Simard and team, for producing great videos in such a short time. Thanks to Amelie Bertrand for giving ma a great look (hair and make-up) that day. Many thanks Jean for your love and for being there always.


Vidéo-clips novembre 26, 2019

La vie me sourit

Je suis tannée

Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là

The creation of the song “Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là”

Lyrics: Karine Ullern
Music: Fabiola Cacciatore with John Hagopian

I love this song. A beautiful musical adventure between France and Canada. Lyrics written by my girlfriend in France, Karine Ullern, on behalf of artist and author Rose Sophie. This sweet song, with a pop sound and intelligent and picturesque lyrics tells the story of famous characters, perhaps Barbie and Ken, who are stuck in a postcard, beach. The melody repeated on the ukulele that I created reminds us of the waves of water and the good weather. All this with a winning arrangement from John Hagopian.

Check out the entire album!

Photo by Concordia University, photo by Lisa Graves

SPACQ Event June 2019 Luc De Larochellière

It seems that I am going back in time with many artists I met over the years.  One of those artists is Luc De Larochellière. Back in the late 90’s I opened for Luc at a strange happening Gala called “Grand Gala des Jobs Citron” in the springtime, in a High School in Montreal. Nothing happened the way it should have happened. Luc De Larochellière was the main act and Club Privé, my band was the opening act.  The evening was a flop to say the least. I recall Luc getting inpatient with the technical team as things were not moving quickly enough. He acted like a Diva complaining about everything, not a personable artist of what I remembered and decided to do the show first, instead of the opening act. We thought that was strange and had to go along with the order. Once Luc Performed, we had but 5 minutes for sound checks and then head on stage not knowing how we were going to hear ourselves.  Within 15 minutes we headed to the stage and looked around to find the audience. With but a few remaining in the hall, everyone left after Luc’s performed. It was indeed a lemon of a Gala, I recall. With us being so disappointed.06

Luc was presenting at a SPACQ event in June 2019 and I thought it would be fun to meet him again after so many years. At the end of his presentation, I recall not recognizing this Artist. He was personable, friendly to the audience and very honest about his youth days. I had a chance to meet him again and to recall being his opening act. To my surprise, he first said. “I am so sorry, I was a jerk then, thinking I was it”. I laughed and appreciated his honesty. He barely recalled the shows, as he did so many when he became an overnight success. In a welcoming gesture, we took a picture together. I was happy that I had now formed New memories of this artist and colleague.

Luc Plamondon

To my surprise walking home in October. I discovered a familiar face in the crown at the Cartier des festival. It was close to Halloween and certain individuals took full advantage to scare anyone. On person certainly did not need a costume. I met the famous Luc Plamondon, French-Canadian lyricist and music executive, best known for his work on the musicals Starmania and Notre-Dame de Paris. What a nice guy!

Centraide show Concordia’s Got Talent coming up!

My work with Centraide has begun a month ago in preparing, rehearsing and fine tuning the show at Concordia University, Concordia’s Got Talent 2016, held this year once again at the DB Clark Hall, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd.

As Singer, Musical Coordinator and Director along with nine singers with the help of Krip Epps pianist, And Musical Arranger we are doing a Beatles show.

Here’s a quote from a recent Concordia News story done on the show.

A tribute to Prince? Maybe some Stevie Wonder? These are just some of the choices Fabiola Cacciatore (BFA 07) is mulling over as the musical director of Concordia’s Got Talent, an annual campus fundraising concert for the United Way/Centraide.

“It’s really gratifying to share my skills and raise money for an organization that does so much good,” says the recording artist and executive assistant in the university’s Financial Services. Cacciatore was one of 40 volunteers in 2015 who helped Concordia raise $187,174 — 98.5 per cent of last year’s campaign goal.

Read the full article done on our show at Concordia News.

My experience at the ONE conference in Montréal: Consolata Opiyo, Bono, Justin Trudeau & more!

IMG_3103On September 17, 2016 at 3 pm this year, I attended and participated in the ONE Town Hall at the Hotel William Gray in Montreal for a conversation about the fight against HIV/AIDS, why poverty is sexist, and what we can do about it.

We were 100 One members from across Canada, myself representing Québec

Elite guests included Prime Minister Trudeau, Bono from U2, Bill Gates, Minister for International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau, Danai Gurira, Bono, Patricia Asero Ochieng and Consolata Opiyo (and other special guests!)

I was struck by how natural and real the celebrity guests were, particularly Bono and the Prime Minister.

More importantly, I was intensely inspired to hear the story of Consolata Opiyo and Mother Patricia, who fought an incredible couragous battle, and have survived to tell their story. “I was tested positive for HIV when I was 3 years old. My beautiful mom, Patricia, unknowingly passed the infection on to me. She was just 22 when I was born, and had no idea that she was HIV positive.” Consolata today they can help others. I was so honoured to truly connect with Consolata personally and look forward to being in touch with her.


From the event:

One year ago, you helped start a campaign to help make sure all babies could be born HIV-free.
And this weekend, you helped make history. On Saturday, we delivered your name straight to Prime Minister Trudeau, and we found out that the Global Fund had just raised nearly 13 billion dollars to help fight AIDS, TB and malaria for the next three years.

That means up to 8 million more lives saved because of you. Today is a day to celebrate – and say thanks. So let’s say thank you together to Prime Minister Trudeau for his leadership in this fight

Patricia Asero Ochieng & Consolata Opiyo, Spokesperson ONE members



Mastering session with Guy Hébert, Karisma Audio

First met Guy over the phone back in May 2016 to discuss a possible mastering project for me.

I recall Guy’s voice being so calm it was addictive. 

We spent quite a bit of time discussing the steps to getting songs mastered.

Guy is the kind of individual who makes you feel comfortable immediately when you meet him.  Not to mention he is a mastering genius.

With not knowing what to expect of mastering, I went with the flow.

The music files were sent prior and Guy went to work.

He called us in July to come and have a listen and to get our first impression. Our first meeting was set.

Since it was a supper date, my partner and I offered the meal and Guy supplied the wine.

We served the meal in one of the studios,  and  he set a table.  We all started eating and talking and having a great time, and for the next two hours, all we did was talk and laugh.

Guy has many stories to tell, having been in the industry for some time.

Following this great meal, we moved to the mastering studio and began listening to the songs he had worked on.

My first impression was great!  I sounded like myself and was pleased with the overall balance between the voice and the music.

Mastering Session_with Guy (5)

The songs sounded unbelievably good. We went through each song (16) and time stopped for the next three hours.

What a great job he did with the songs.

I had such a feeling of accomplishment, after all of the hard work, my Album It’s My Dream came alive.

After coffee and Sambuca and more listening the evening came to a sad close.  We said our goodbyes and we headed home.

We rushed impatiently to the car to put the CD on and began listening to the songs again until the wee hours.

Still listening…still amazed by it all.

As we arrived home, before getting out of the car, my partner looked at me with belief and said “You’ve made it Fab.”

I said thanks with a smile….

I will always remember this moment and will forever be touched when I tell this story…..