I welcome you to explore my past musical works. Click on the YouTube icon next to each album to see & listen to clips! You can find all my video clips on my YouTube channel.


Solo album from Fabiola Cacciatore. See video clip below.
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Festival en chanson 1996
Album - collaboration
Fabiola in collab w other artists. Broadcast live on CBC-Radio Canada
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Sans y penser
This song was featured on EP with Fabiola's band Club privé. Watch video.
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Billie Vit
EP - Album
WINNER of the Québec en chanson competition, this song reached #1 on the Québec charts, spurring spots on TV. At the time, Fabiola went under the name CARA. The EP was combined with QEC runner up Michel Forrest. 
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Album produced by Fabiola's band Club Privé. See the video below.
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On Prend des Risques
Produced with Club Privé. See the video clip below.
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La Lettre
Recorded in Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée – édition 1996 – Fabiola in collaboration w other artists (album)* Was broadcast LIVE on CBC-SRC. Watch video.
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attéris par erreur
Album - EP
Single EP produced with Fabiola's earlier band Club Privé. See the video clip below.
La boite a chansons
Song on album
Il faut que ça bouge. Paroles et musique Fabiola Cacciatore, C. de Granpré