Fitness with Fabiola

Certified with IDEA, and over 10 years as a personal trainer.

For those who want to get on board and get personal training classes with me would engage in a personal one-on-one training and motivating session, learning proper techniques and breathing, using exercises to help you reach your goal; using various training styles [Cardio, Strength training, Circuit, Eccentric training etc.] and tools (Universal Machine, free weights, kettle, step, ball, sit-fit, Invertor,  etc].

I consider fitness to be part of my life. Once you are personal trainer, you are always curious to update yourself on the latest training methods and health information.

Presently doing a certification in Fitness and Nutrition at the Shaw Academy in Dublin, Ireland and also planning a recertification with IDEA.

Fitness with Fabiola (3)I believe it is essential to find a routine program that is suited for you and in return you will stay motivated.  Fitness goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy foods.  I do think we are what we eat. In other words, feed the body with the healthiest foods and the results will follow.

Motivation points

  • Keep it simple and just eat real food
  • Nothing in a box or can
  • Love yourself at whatever level of fitness/weight you are at
  • Just keep at it and you will reach your goal

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Fitness with Fabiola
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