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My experience at the ONE conference in Montréal: Consolata Opiyo, Bono, Justin Trudeau & more!

IMG_3103On September 17, 2016 at 3 pm this year, I attended and participated in the ONE Town Hall at the Hotel William Gray in Montreal for a conversation about the fight against HIV/AIDS, why poverty is sexist, and what we can do about it.

We were 100 One members from across Canada, myself representing Québec

Elite guests included Prime Minister Trudeau, Bono from U2, Bill Gates, Minister for International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau, Danai Gurira, Bono, Patricia Asero Ochieng and Consolata Opiyo (and other special guests!)

I was struck by how natural and real the celebrity guests were, particularly Bono and the Prime Minister.

More importantly, I was intensely inspired to hear the story of Consolata Opiyo and Mother Patricia, who fought an incredible couragous battle, and have survived to tell their story. “I was tested positive for HIV when I was 3 years old. My beautiful mom, Patricia, unknowingly passed the infection on to me. She was just 22 when I was born, and had no idea that she was HIV positive.” Consolata today they can help others. I was so honoured to truly connect with Consolata personally and look forward to being in touch with her.


From the event:

One year ago, you helped start a campaign to help make sure all babies could be born HIV-free.
And this weekend, you helped make history. On Saturday, we delivered your name straight to Prime Minister Trudeau, and we found out that the Global Fund had just raised nearly 13 billion dollars to help fight AIDS, TB and malaria for the next three years.

That means up to 8 million more lives saved because of you. Today is a day to celebrate – and say thanks. So let’s say thank you together to Prime Minister Trudeau for his leadership in this fight

Patricia Asero Ochieng & Consolata Opiyo, Spokesperson ONE members



Mastering session with Guy Hébert, Karisma Audio

First met Guy over the phone back in May 2016 to discuss a possible mastering project for me.

I recall Guy’s voice being so calm it was addictive. 

We spent quite a bit of time discussing the steps to getting songs mastered.

Guy is the kind of individual who makes you feel comfortable immediately when you meet him.  Not to mention he is a mastering genius.

With not knowing what to expect of mastering, I went with the flow.

The music files were sent prior and Guy went to work.

He called us in July to come and have a listen and to get our first impression. Our first meeting was set.

Since it was a supper date, my partner and I offered the meal and Guy supplied the wine.

We served the meal in one of the studios,  and  he set a table.  We all started eating and talking and having a great time, and for the next two hours, all we did was talk and laugh.

Guy has many stories to tell, having been in the industry for some time.

Following this great meal, we moved to the mastering studio and began listening to the songs he had worked on.

My first impression was great!  I sounded like myself and was pleased with the overall balance between the voice and the music.

Mastering Session_with Guy (5)

The songs sounded unbelievably good. We went through each song (16) and time stopped for the next three hours.

What a great job he did with the songs.

I had such a feeling of accomplishment, after all of the hard work, my Album It’s My Dream came alive.

After coffee and Sambuca and more listening the evening came to a sad close.  We said our goodbyes and we headed home.

We rushed impatiently to the car to put the CD on and began listening to the songs again until the wee hours.

Still listening…still amazed by it all.

As we arrived home, before getting out of the car, my partner looked at me with belief and said “You’ve made it Fab.”

I said thanks with a smile….

I will always remember this moment and will forever be touched when I tell this story….. 


A day at Katrin Leblond’s Boutique

On 29th October 2015 I did a fabulous photo shoot with Katrin Leblond. She is the designer who has worked with Le Cirque du Soleil.  Renowned for her flamboyant colors and eccentric designs her boutique is located on St. Laurent Street in Montréal. 

I met the photographer Josée Lecompte and hair and make up artist Amélie Bertrand at L’Achipel studio 909 who got me ready. Two very generous persons and tatented in their fields. I arrived at the Boutique Katrin Leblond looking happy and excited. 

Katrin was working in the back putting her new designs together.  She smiled at me and said “let’s get started”.  I looked around the store and found unique in her style dresses and tops, wonderful skirts with crinolines.  I was amazed by the many colors.

I do recall coming into to her store to borrow a dress for my Video clip Qu’est-ce qu’on fait là in 2013.  That day was so easy.  With one look at my figure, she instantly found a perfectly matching strapless dress with a unique flowery hat and a jacket to match and voila. This was so amazing that she could do that. I loved her clothing so much that I ended up buying the dress and all.  I knew I would go back to see her one day and to thank her for giving me a style.  My original dress and all is now the cover of my album It’s My Dream.

Back to the shoot. I found a great top and she also tried to match my looks and we began taking photos. We laughed and enjoyed posing and making fun of ourselves.  Went around the boutique and took lots of shots. I recall having a great time being silly and yet sophisticated when needed. Ms. Leblond was so generous with her time and I think she too enjoyed the glamor and attention.  A beautiful person inside and out. Thanks Katrin for the day and the memories.

I am glad that I finally have a web site to put this reminiscent story.