SPACQ Event June 2019 Luc De Larochellière

It seems that I am going back in time with many artists I met over the years.  One of those artists is Luc De Larochellière. Back in the late 90’s I opened for Luc at a strange happening Gala called “Grand Gala des Jobs Citron” in the springtime, in a High School in Montreal. Nothing happened the way it should have happened. Luc De Larochellière was the main act and Club Privé, my band was the opening act.  The evening was a flop to say the least. I recall Luc getting inpatient with the technical team as things were not moving quickly enough. He acted like a Diva complaining about everything, not a personable artist of what I remembered and decided to do the show first, instead of the opening act. We thought that was strange and had to go along with the order. Once Luc Performed, we had but 5 minutes for sound checks and then head on stage not knowing how we were going to hear ourselves.  Within 15 minutes we headed to the stage and looked around to find the audience. With but a few remaining in the hall, everyone left after Luc’s performed. It was indeed a lemon of a Gala, I recall. With us being so disappointed.06

Luc was presenting at a SPACQ event in June 2019 and I thought it would be fun to meet him again after so many years. At the end of his presentation, I recall not recognizing this Artist. He was personable, friendly to the audience and very honest about his youth days. I had a chance to meet him again and to recall being his opening act. To my surprise, he first said. “I am so sorry, I was a jerk then, thinking I was it”. I laughed and appreciated his honesty. He barely recalled the shows, as he did so many when he became an overnight success. In a welcoming gesture, we took a picture together. I was happy that I had now formed New memories of this artist and colleague.